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Do your colleagues drive electrically or will they soon be doing this? Would you like to expand the number of charging stations on your site or would you like to receive advice on how to best tackle the transition to sustainable transport? TotalEnergies helps you find a suitable charging solution for your fleet and can completely relieve you of this.

Why is corporate EV charging with TotalENERGIES interesting?

TotalEnergies is there for every company with electric vehicles. Do you already know what you need, or are you looking for specialist advice that matches the business operations and context of your company? At TotalEnergies we provide a total solution for every company that drives for business. We have the data, knowledge and resources to make clean energy available and affordable for transport on your own site. By managing every step internally, we work safely, effectively and cost-efficiently. For example, we ensure that the fleet can continue to drive during the transition. 


for whom are electric charging points on site interesting?

A private charging plaza is interesting for fleet owners, transporters or companies with several employees and visitors who need to charge their electric car via an electric charging station at work. Nowadays, 40% of the charge at an electric car is charging at work.

With your own charging plaza, there is always enough capacity to charge the vehicles of your company and your employees. Essential for employees who drive for business, and for other EV drivers a nice facility that contributes to employee satisfaction. TotalEnergies looks with you from A to Z to find the required charging solution that is appropriate for your situation.




Everything for (large) business EV cars under one roof

  • We provide tailor-made advice.
  • Experience with a mix of different charging and refueling solutions for EV cars.
  • You can use our public network.
  • Possibility to combine EV with other fuels.
  • One partner for your entire energy transition.

Did you know this about EV charging?

  • For each charging solution we investigate whether smart charging is an option?
  • We supply green energy with every charging solution, so that you also contribute to a cleaner world?
  • We apply techniques to store self-generated electricity and use it on your own site?

Charging with the TOTALENERGIES CARD

Do you have an electric car? You can charge it with the TotalEnergies Card, a contactless all-in-one card. You can go to more than 125,000 charging locations in 35 European countries. We do this in collaboration with our partner NewMotion. Discover more about electric charging with the fuel card. Or apply for the TotalEnergies Card immediately.

charging stations for companies

Interested in a charging station or charging plaza on your own site? TotalEnergies does it all for you. Would you like to request a quote or would you prefer to receive advice from a specialist first? Contact our experts below.

Various options for (large) business and other charging

Various solutions are possible for (large) business charging via a charging station. Firstly, use can be made of EV charging solutions for own personnel. This will install charging points that are only available to employees of your company.
Second, there is the possibility to realize semi-public charging solutions. The charging points are available for own staff and can also be used by third parties. This option can provide financial benefits.

Get in touch with our experts

Paul de Winter

Sales Manager

Paul de Winter is binnen Total Mobility & New Energies verantwoordelijk voor de afdelingen Sales en Telesales. Je kunt bij Paul en zijn team terecht voor vragen over brandstoffen, Cards en de transitie naar New Energies. Naast de brandstoffen investeert Total al vele jaren in een duurzaam netwerk en duurzame oplossingen op de locaties bij de bedrijven. “Wij zien de vele uitdagingen die onze klanten hebben en helpen hen bij de transitievraagstukken. Het is eigenlijk altijd maatwerk en geen klant is ons te klein." Naast de grotere internationale organisaties helpen wij ook kleine bedrijven, transporteurs en bezorgdiensten met deze vraagstukken. Vragen? Neem gerust contact op met mij: 06-83793353

Arthur van Mook
Arthur van Mook

Manager Business Development

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