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Electricity is by far the most popular clean 'fuel', rather, energy at the moment for sustainable and clean driving. Electric vehicles charged with green electricity do not emit CO 2  and particulate matter. This makes electric driving a very sustainable mobility solution. Charging your electric vehicle is quick and easy at TotalEnergies charging stations throughout the Netherlands and Europe.


Electricity as 'fuel'

Electricity is stored in the most important part of an electric vehicle, the battery. This battery is based on lithium-ion technology and stores energy. The amount of electricity charged is displayed in kilowatt hours (kWh). This electricity is generated from various sustainable sources, including the wind and the sun. How many kilometers you can drive per kWh depends on various circumstances. Consider, for example, the speed at which you drive and the outside temperature. In general, you drive more kilometers at a low (er) average speed than at a high (er) speed. The quality and type of battery determine the power, the number of kilometers to be driven, the charging time and influence the price of the vehicle.

Electricity benefits

  • Electric driving on green electricity does not emit any greenhouse gases or other pollutants
  • Electric vehicles are quiet, dynamic and accelerate quickly
  • Electricity is a beneficial energy for mobility
  • Wide choice of electric vehicles and models

Electric charging at TotalENERGIES

TotalEnergies has a large network of charging stations in public areas in the Netherlands. In addition, fast chargers (50kW) and so-called High Power Chargers (175kW) are available at various TotalEnergies filling stations. We are working hard on the expansion of the charging facilities. Most drivers charge their electric vehicle at home or at work. Charging stations can also be found in large parking lots, at shopping centers and along motorways and motorways. The charging time depends on the type of charging station and vehicle. Despite the different types of connections, all TotalEnergies charging stations are suitable for any electric vehicle.

Business electric charging with TOTALENERGIES

With the TotalEnergies Card you can charge electrically for business. The process is simple. You can apply for the TotalEnergies Card here . After your activation, you can search for charging locations near you with the app. You connect your vehicle to the charging station and register it with the TotalEnergies Card. Start loading and receive all your payments in one clear invoice. In addition to charging and refueling, you can also use the TotalEnergies Card in the car wash, the shop and purchase lubricants.


We investigate the options for smart charging for each charging solution. Matching the needs of the situation and at the lowest possible cost. This way we can match the requested power at the charging station to the real-time use of your building.


TotalEnergies contributes to a cleaner world. We do this, among other things, by always supplying green power for the charging solution. This green electricity is generated sustainably.


TotalEnergies' technology makes it possible to use self-generated power directly for the charging sessions on your own site. In many cases, this makes the charging solution a lot more cost-efficient.

Electricity case studies


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